Which Is The Best App To Stream Movies?

Which Is The Best App To Stream Movies?

Right now we are going through the age of digital piracy where we can find TV Shows and Movies on torrent websites with the best quality, anywhere on the internet and sometimes we find them on the day the particular show released and sometimes even a day before. Yes that is the brilliance of the internet where we can find everything on our fingertips because of a certain man called Bram Cohen.


BitTorrent changed the way we download and upload data and we soon started to download everything off torrent websites for free at lightning speeds but as our internet speeds have increased so have our needs and now we want everything streamed because downloading just eats up our space and therefore an app was launched called Movie Box which help you stream all your favorite movies and shows anytime you want on your phone. If anytime one link is unable then there is always another lnk that you can use. It works on the same principle of BitTorrent where there is no central system but data is broken up and various parts of the data is transferred from various seeders and once you join the swarm, you become a seeder too. It is illegal and you will not find Movie Box on the official stores but we will guide you through the installation process.


If you want to download the Movie Box app on your android, then you need to go to settings and remove the option which says allow the download of applications from unknown sources. Then you can visit a website like APKMirror.com and download the file and then install.

If you want to download the file on your iOS device then you need to go to the settings and then move to Date and Time and change the date to September 6th and the visit the link: http://www.pgyer.com/moviebox. Click on download and then install the file. After all this work is done then you can again visit settings and change the date and time to automatic.

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