WhatsApp Plus for Your Android Devices

WhatsApp Plus for Your Android Devices

You’ve known WhatsApp as one of the world’s best messenger application, and it’s really awesome to have it in your mobile. With all the features it has, it can make communication more efficient, thus eliminating several issues like expensive messages and call rates.

If you have an Android device with you, you can download a specialized variation of WhatsApp from http://installwasapplus.com, and enjoy more features with it. With WhatsApp Plus, you can have the features of official WhatsApp, while enjoying additional stuff it has.

Download and Install WhatsApp Plus for Your Android Device

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, and is specially designed to work on Android devices. Available for free download at http://installwasapplus.com, you can have WhatsApp for Android on a whole new fantastic level with WhatsApp Plus!

Like its counterpart, WhatsApp Plus offer free communication services for everyone. Providing that you’re connecting with other WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus users, you can send text messages, files, and make calls without any charges. And because it uses the internet connectivity to do its features, you can have efficient and convenient communication with other people.

What makes WhatsApp Plus different from WhatsApp is its customizing features which lets you modify its appearance depending on your taste. You can change its colors, themes, fonts and many other stuff in its interface easily. Plus, it also has better security features like hiding your status from other people.

You just have to download WhatsApp Plus from http://installwasapplus.com, and install it in your Android device right away. You can use your old account created using the official WhatsApp, and you can also use accounts created using WhatsApp Plus on WhatsApp. This could make your communication with other people far more efficient, while you’re having fun with the cool features WhatsApp Plus can give you.