Vietnam Visa On Arrival India: Boon For Indians

Vietnam Visa On Arrival India: Boon For Indians

There are different tourist places available all over the world those provide great peace of mind to visitors. Vietnam is one of them that is full of natural beauty and different type of tourist places such as; mountains, caves, lakes and so on. If you are an Indian then, first of all, you should take Vietnam visa approval from Vietnam government or embassy. Vietnam government provides Vietnam visa on arrival India and by it, a big part of visa approval process is eliminated. It is a major benefit is whole work related to visa application done by the applicant with online sources.

Necessary documents for Vietnam visa

Now Indians can easily apply for Vietnam visa on arrival India by visiting the website of Vietnam government. There are many other online sources provide similar services and they are also capable of providing some allied services. When any person travelling to another the country; at that time he/she is able to face different formalities. In this condition; the airport concierge services are too beneficial for you. With the help of these services, you are able to save the precious time that is wasted by standing in the queue of immigration clearance. You should show the whole documents to immigration officer for stamped your passport such as;

  • Hard copy of approval letter that is sent by Vietnam government or embassy
  • Entry and exit form, you should fill it carefully by avoiding all mistakes
  • Two passport size photos

You should keep these documents with passport and show to the immigration officer. Before applying for Vietnam visa on arrival India you should pay attention to some aspects such as; validity of the passport, blank pages in the passport and so on. The expiry date of passport is near and less than 6 months then you are not able to apply for Vietnam visa.