Video Marketing Tips And Tricks

Video Marketing Tips And Tricks

Funny how we expect a video that we uploaded with content related to our ideas, services and products to viral within a day. Of course that’s possible, as long as the video peaks the interest of the audience and you applied effective video marketing tips and tricks. We know that going viral isn’t really the main reason why you created the video but in essence, you want the video to reach more viewers from varying cities and countries in the world. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how you can achieve that from

The Video Should Revolve Around a Story, not Sales

Online sales clutter can be extremely annoying, especially when they regularly pop up from nowhere; we know that you have already experienced this at least once. Brands and companies that frequently bombard their audience with all these ads and offers tend to repel potential customers, ultimately defeating the purpose. Don’t be ‘that brand’ that’s known for such ads; instead you should let your video centre on the story, not the sale. Optimize the emotive power associated with videos by appealing to your market’s needs and wants.

Create the Most Amazing 10 Seconds Ever

Numerous studies have shown that around one fifth of viewers move on from a video or close it all together within the first 10 seconds and even less. Create a video that’s short but to the point; this is recommended by video experts everywhere. Try catching the viewer’s interest by asking relevant questions and using teasers.

The video has to convey the overall value and should be able to clearly answer the question in the mind of the audience ‘why should I watch this?’ Also, bear in mind that the story has to ultimately connect with the service or idea that you’re trying to sell, otherwise the audience will be confused.