Online Games Industry Is now Targeting A Mature Audience

Online Games Industry Is now Targeting A Mature Audience

In the past online gaming industry was mainly the domain for the teenagers and those in their early twenties. However, it seems like things have changed rapidly in the last few years and today online games are not just for those who are fighting with acne problems, but also for the matured and gray haired people.

Companies like Sony Corp, Microsoft Corp, Electronic Arts Inc and Vivendi Universal spend a lot of money developing online games. They are now working hard at broadening the consumer market and target audience for the juegos juegos to drive in more revenue to the industry. They want games to appeal even a grandmother of five.  They hope to earn more revenue from a wide range of online games targeting all age groups.

This strategy of making online games suitable for young as well as old individuals has become a kind of rage among the entertainment and software companies. As a result, companies are now keener to develop games that can attract a large customer base. Some of the matured people already are hooked to games like EverQuest and Ultima Online.

The online game industry is now hoping to invest nearly $1 billion to build supporting online sites that will attract mature people to come and play games.  The main idea is to create sophisticated yet easy to play online games that will attract a larger audience and give them enough value to stick around for a long time.

The big gaming companies are hoping that as they invest more in creating fun and engaging high end games that will cater to the interests of  a large audience, people will be willing to pay. As of now, building games is not the challenging part. The biggest challenge is to make players pay for the game. Hopefully this will change when there are more sophisticated online games targeting a large customer base.