Money Friends by Uangteman: How to avail?

Money Friends by Uangteman: How to avail?

One of the most amazing online services when it comes to lending to date is Uangteman. Based in Indonesia, this is a lending company which is primarily based online and enables you to avail of loans quick and easy. They make very little regards to your credit, and is thus beneficial to those who are in dire need of funds yet have a bad credit score/reputation. They even have a kode promo uang teman, as well as other incentives geared towards making things significantly easier for you. Exactly how do you borrow in Money Friends? Here are the details below.

Download the App

The first, most important thing for you to do is to download the Money Friend App. It gets as easy as this. This is just one of the few lending companies which allow you to safely do transactions with regards to your loans online. Once you have done this, you may then start filling up. Click the Ajukan Pinjaman button to start.

Begin Filling the Form Up

Fill up all the necessary requirements and prepare pertinent documents, such as Photos of yourself, the description of your Business, and most importantly, your ID Cards. The more complete the documents you have, the quicker the cash disbursement process. You would eventually be notified if your loan gets approved or not.

Check and Verify

There are several means for you to check the status of your loan, either through SMS, or through mobile application. You could also verify through customer service. Upon verification, you could be re-contacted for disbursement.

Getting of Payment

Once everything has been approved already, the Load Fund would be disbursed. You would also be notified of the payment date within 3 days before it is due. The customer dashboard then allows you to use a Virtual Account number where your loan could be paid off.