One of the most interesting animals out in the wild nowadays is the honey badger. If they are to be described in one word, then it would most definitely be fierce. This is because apart from being able to thrive and survive in various climates, even the king of the jungle can be afraid of them at times. If you’re wondering as to exactly what makes the honey badger fit this particular definition, then here are some more facts which explain what makes them so.

Their Name Itself

The honey badger’s name itself means “honey eater of the cape”. The cape refers to The Cape of Good Hope in South of Africa, where they could also be found. Another name for Honey Badgers is the Ratel, which could have been derived from the dutch equivalent of the word honeycomb, or raat. This is because they are known to eat honeycombs, and they do so through an intricate method.

Their Claws are Powerful

One of the greatest traits of the Honey Badger is that their claws are greatly powerful. Having said that, these claws could allow them to dig in a crazy manner, with them boring a hole on the ground in mere minutes. This would allow them to capture prey from beneath the soil, and thus even hiding under the soil is not safe for those who want to run away from them.

They are Like Skunks

Just like skunks, they also have stinky farts which they could use as a defense mechanism. Havign said that, their gland is not just stinky, but dangerous as well. This is effective in order for them to mark their territory, and thus you might want to think twice if you’re going to invade it, as you’re going to be greeted by a stench so bad you might actually pass out.


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