Right now we are going through the age of digital piracy where we can find TV Shows and Movies on torrent websites with the best quality, anywhere on the internet and sometimes we find them on the day the particular show released and sometimes even a day before. Yes that is the brilliance of the internet where we can find everything on our fingertips because of a certain man called Bram Cohen.


BitTorrent changed the way we download and upload data and we soon started to download everything off torrent websites for free at lightning speeds but as our internet speeds have increased so have our needs and now we want everything streamed because downloading just eats up our space and therefore an app was launched called Movie Box which help you stream all your favorite movies and shows anytime you want on your phone. If anytime one link is unable then there is always another lnk that you can use. It works on the same principle of BitTorrent where there is no central system but data is broken up and various parts of the data is transferred from various seeders and once you join the swarm, you become a seeder too. It is illegal and you will not find Movie Box on the official stores but we will guide you through the installation process.


If you want to download the Movie Box app on your android, then you need to go to settings and remove the option which says allow the download of applications from unknown sources. Then you can visit a website like APKMirror.com and download the file and then install.

If you want to download the file on your iOS device then you need to go to the settings and then move to Date and Time and change the date to September 6th and the visit the link: http://www.pgyer.com/moviebox. Click on download and then install the file. After all this work is done then you can again visit settings and change the date and time to automatic.

There are a number of different kinds of app and services that you can download on your smartphone these days however if there is one application that you should definitely include its appbounty. There are tons of people who believe that appbounty is a scam and it does not manage to deliver the right features as promised however what they don’t realize is that you need to constantly use this app over and over again in order to get the benefits that it has to offer and if you do not have a lot of time to do that you might end up believing that the app does not work the way it promises to. 

If you want to get the benefits that appbounty has to offer but you don’t have the time to spend on the app then all you need to do is use the appbounty hack.

This enables you to get all the features that appbounty promises to offer you however it does not make you spend too much time which is exactly what most people need these days. A lot of people lead extremely hectic lives and they end up using their smartphone only for a few minutes each day.

With the benefits appbounty has to offer you can actually save on a lot of money because online shopping is very popular and most people use their online shopping applications to purchase everything from hair pins to a music system and if you want to save money while you shop then the appbounty hack is something that will help you a great deal. While using a heart you should always remember that while they might be multiple kinds of hacks available over the Internet you should always stick to one that you think is most reliable and safe.

There are a number of people who come on to tinder mainly because they are looking for a new friend or a potential partner. A lot of people label tinder as a dating app that is specifically created for people who are interested in casual relationships the truth is that this app has a lot more to offer than what you would believe. While it was designed to be a dating app where people could indulge in a Dating Chat before they would actually meet each other the app became something that was useful for people all across the world so that they could make friends. 

There are a number of people on tinder and they have become extremely close friends. One of the major benefits of tinder is that you can find people based on the location that you are in and this enables you to connect with people who are in close proximity with you. There is no reason why it will not help you mainly because when you live closer to someone there is a higher chance that you can meet them on a regular basis as compared to someone who lives far away from you.

The best part about tinder is that it is extremely easy to use and unless you and your partner approve of meeting each other you will not be able to connect and even chat with each other. This means that the person chatting with has already approved of you and this makes it extremely comfortable for you to talk to them. No matter why you are on tinder it is always easy for you to speak to somebody and in case you are one of those people who has never been confident to approach someone this will help to boost your confidence and you will learn how to socialize in a more effective manner.